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11 Aug 2010

Well I very much doubt any amount of grovelling or apologising (or both) could make up for the fact that I have been a very bad TCG owner.

However, I do sincerely apologise. After the TCGadmin incident my usual get-out clause kicked in where if anything in my life gets too hard, I quit. *shakes head*
The other problems were card related... the fact I'd stupidly deleted them all when I didn't have to, and now have to re-add nearly 1500 cards one by one, and also the fact that I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I 'couldn't add card decks'.
The card deck problem was 'only' the spam filter not allowing certain words, so when I tried to add 1.04 Dead Man Dating... it wouldn't add the deck because dating is a spam word. Oy. But I thought it was a problem with all the cards, and I suddenly felt rather overwhelmed with the whole thing and kind of shut up shop.

There have been many of you email to quit The Nexus, and to be frank, I don't blame you in the slightest.

But... I'm starting to re-add decks again now that the dating problem has been sorted out (online anyway, offline I'm still terminally single *lol*) - thankyou to Jasmine and Micki for helping me see I can be a major idiot when I want to be.

As for a re-opening date? There isn't one pin-pointed, it's a kind of wait-and-see type of thing.

Thanks for reading... if any of you did... and if you did, comment telling Colette you want her to re-open Sugar and Spice, I bloody well miss that TCG. I had TWO masterchef stars!

14 Mar 2010

Hmm... it would appear that the TCG management script I use on the site (TCGadmin) does not work with a PHP5 domain. Which I now have after 'upgrading' my account and so now the site is kind of kaput crying

I know we're pretty much on a hiatus right now but it still sucks. I can't go back to having to do it all manually so I'm testing out the MyTCG program on another site and that seems to be almost working perfectly so I will need to integrate that into The Nexus... wish me luck!!! LMAO.
It's going to be carnage.

Failing that I'll just install MyTCG onto another domain and we can all move over there, yay!

I will answer forms that are in TCGadmin right now, before it decides not to work - if you don't get an answer by the end of today (say in the next 7 hours), don't send another but comment to let me know you need something.

I will be back eventually! You guys rock, the ones that have stuck it out this far :)

31 Dec 2009

Good Vs Evil round 3 closes tonight at midnight GMT (ie: in just under 3 hours).
Points will be tallied tomorrow and prizes given out, along with a hopefully brighter layout, this one is depessing me!

2010 is going to be a great year, I've decided. So I'm hoping that means for The Nexus too! If you've stuck with me this long, thankyou. If you left for a whille that's cool, you'll always be welcomed back :)

A few leavers sadly :( BUT for people that are still playing that means loads more cards for the mausoleum. New rules will be up for that soon, I'm not sure how it'll work. The games section may look a little different as I will be deleting some games that are a bugger to update - like devil's kitchen, hate it - and new and hopefully exciting ones will be taking their place.

Goodbye 2009, you've been.... well like Cole really, making me think you were wonderful but somewhere along the way it became rather obvious that really you were out to get me. laughing

10 Dec 2009

Okay kids!!

I have been scarce lately, I'm sorry about that sad But I would like to start up again and I need your help.

Card making is fairly simple, but making up one word names for sets is really difficult and honestly I think it's putting me off making more sets (insert embarrassed smiley here).

SO. I'd like you guys to come up with names for each of these sets - whichever ones I choose (might not be a whole set from one person) I will be awarding 10 points PER set name.

Phoebe and Paige
Piper and Prue
Leo and Wyatt
Phoebe and Jason
Paige and Henry
Phoebe and Coop

That's all for now wink These sets won't be made over night but the winning names will be waiting for them when they are. Head over to the forums with your answers (no limit on entries).

On a side note, I can't wait for this round of Good Vs Evil to be over, I need to change this layout!!! lol. Good luck everyone!

03 Nov 2009

Ugh, I had an update but it got eaten sad

Apologies my lovelies for not updating in a while. My head's been messed up with work, getting ready to travel, and the sad (and extremely premature) death of Stephen Gately.
He was one of my heroes and my first boyband crush and I was devastated to hear he had passed at only 33. crying

I want to give you warning aswell that I'll be travelling on and off for the next 3 weeks. I'm going to see the Backstreet Boys on tour (WOO!) and also going to Ireland for the Childline concert and to spend time with my friend for her birthday.
I will be trying to take my laptop with me, but whether I can or will have time to make some card sets (which I know have been seriously lacking lately) I just don't know.

As always, if a Saturday update is not completed take the starter packs as normal. Also, because I've been really stingy with updates lately, you can all do the Free Will and Greater Good games (first three groups). If there was something you didn't get last time round here's another chance! Don't be afraid to ask for help on the forum either - I know I won't be around to answer but if there is a member that knows the answer please help your fellow players out smile
If you got this far and have your starter packs up, take 3 cards of choice, from different sets, and they can't let you master.

Take another sidebar freebie too :)

10 Oct 2009

New members: Kathryn - welcome!
Leavers: -
Level ups: Darlaslilgirl (1-2), Betty (5-6), Rainey (7-8)
Masters: Steph (prue, paige), Colette (weallscream)
Games: All of the personal gain games, index freebie
Affiliates: -
New sets: -
Affiliates: Devotion, Enchanted
New sets: None this week :(

Remember in Inventory, the rules state you can only submit one card a week (and not from a set you've mastered).

Those who submitted more than one have had their second card ignored, though they can resubmit a week after :)

This week's bingo squares:

Good Vs Evil is a tie-break already with Witches and Demons both on 40 points! Yikes, we could have a very menacing looking layout come the end of this round!

There are two contests still voting, make sure you cast your vote, the sooner there is a clear winner, the sooner we start a new round :D Lame-o update this week, sorry kids! I'm working on new games though so that can only be a good thing, right? If you got this far, take two choice cards, they can be from the same set, but they can't let you master (sorry)!

01 Oct 2009

New members: darlaslilgirl - welcome!
Leavers: -
Level ups: Lexi (1-2), Lexi (2-3), Katoshi (5-6), Luci (7-8)
Masters: Colette (coyotepiper), Katoshi (piper), Luci (vision), Steph (travel, prue), Rainey (pardonmypast)
Games: Forum freebies
Affiliates: -
New sets: -

Well, another round of Good Vs Evil is over! Congratulations again to the Witces :D Although I have to say well done to all the other teams aswell, lots of points being scored all round so it's turning into a good competition!
As winners of this round, the new layout features (our favourite) witches. Hope you like it.

The final scores are on the good vs evil page now.
All witches may take this prize: 2 regular cards of choice, 3 randoms and 1 item from the randomiser plus this little graphic

The highest points earner was Rainey (err, me) with 170 points - woo! I can take the team prize plus 1 regular card of choice and 2 random cards from the randomiser and this little graphic

You may have noticed the member page looks a bit thinner! :( Sadly there were a few people that didn't answer either email I sent out and they have been deleted. However if they would like to rejoin at any time they will be most welcome, but sadly will need to start from scratch.

No games update today, that'll be this weekend ;)

Also, new layout means new layout card. If your starter pack and log is up as of today, then take this card below :)

26 Sep 2009

New members: Leydi - welcome!
Leavers: BJ, Rachel, Manda sad
Hiatus: Saitaina, dbzxenaman, Amy, Mainmise
Level ups: Michelle (2-3), Hanna, Katoshi (4-5)
Masters: Colette (sleuthing), Katoshi (charmednoir, phoebe, paige), Aibell (moralitybites, paige, renew), Luci (brothers), Michelle (wyatt), Rainey (braindrain, charmednoir, youngwyatt)
Games: Nearly everything! Check it's updated September 26
Affiliates: Devotion, Enchanted
New sets: Take one from each regular deck. Donators take an extra from your set(s).

I have sent out a reminder email to those who haven't replied yet... hopefully most of you will want to stay :)

Don't forget about the forums for trading, you get rewarded for completing stamp cards so make the most of it! Also, you can help each other out with game hints, you don't need to wait for me to come and reply - if you know the answer to a game don't be shy in helping others :)

The hall of fame is made up of member cards, so make sure you have your card made when you master a set! You get a random card for submitting it to the family album, so head over to the forum and I'll get one made for you :)

GOSH! I totally forgot the event cards!!!
Take one card from below. If you're a prejoiner, you get to take both.

Please remember that direct linking cards is a no-no! Please save the cards onto your computer, then upload them to your website, or a free hosting service like Photobucket. Direct linking eats my bandwidth, I'd hate for the site to go down because someone didn't save their cards ;)

Last thing, I'm going to add a huge heap of cards to the Mausoleum tomorrow, so try and clear it out today if you haven't claimed this week already!

29 Aug 2009

New members: Lexi, Deak, Jak - welcome! :D
Leavers: -
Hiatus: -
Level ups: Deak (1-2), Rachael, Liz, Betty, Shalini (4-5), Steph (5-6), Rainey (6-7), Colette (7-8!)
Masters: Shalini (destined), Colette (deadmandating, renew, halliwellseve, pardonmypast), Hanna (weallscream), Liz (leo), Rainey (centennial), Rachael (centennial), Betty (destined, leo)
Games: Free Will group 1, Personal Gain, Index Freebie
Affiliates: Broadcast
New sets: Take one from each regular deck. Donators take an extra from your set(s).

Bingo squares

Wow well done to all the level uppers and masters!!
Either I just need to get my finger out or I'm too generous with cards wink

I will be doing a mass email to all members shortly... there are members with no logs (!), no card totals which is a pain in the butt for me when doing level up forms, or no tradeposts at all.

If you receive the email and don't want to play any more, let me know before taking your cards down so they can go in the Mausoleum.
If you receive the email and DO want to play (yay!), then again let me know if you need hiatus time or time to add your log/card worths etc. Also, active players - you awesome people, you! - just reply with a "I'm still active" type message and everything's all good smile
Two weeks after the email goes out, anyone who has not replied will get a reminder. A week after that there will be deletions if you don't answer the email, it would be a bit obvious if you weren't that interested *lol*

Need help with your trade post and log? Check out Luci's post and Colette's post - nice and neat, you can see where everything is meant to go, fabulous.

I hope everyone took their starterpack cards for the missed update last week... I was testing you! :D

P.S... don't forget the current round of Good Vs Evil ends on September 30th, the witches are still winning, demons and darklighters are starting to fight back, keep it up! Whitelighters, what happened?
Whichever team wins this round, will be featured on the next layout. Lovely as Leo is *swoon*... this layout has been up for like a year and a half (told you I was lazy). If the demons win... there will be demons on the next layout :)
Take that information as you will!

14 Aug 2009

Bad news kids.

My parents have had friends staying this week, and today is their last day with us (up until now my excuse has been work and I've only seen them for an hour a day) so they're going to make me be sociable today!

And we all know how I feel about being sociable.

As such, sadly there is no games update today, or new sets. sad However, like last time, any Saturday I miss an update (like today), you can go take the starterpack cards again.
Aswell as the 9 starter pack cards, also 3 cards of choice, from different sets, and they can't let you master. That's total of 12 cards :)

08 Aug 2009

New members: -
Leavers: Abigail sad
Hiatus: -
Level ups: Hanna (3-4)
Masters: Hanna (halliwellseve), Liz (turbulent), BJ (renew)
Games: Everything! :D
Affiliates: Atarashii, Prime Time
New sets: Take one from each set worth 1. Donators take a card from your sets.

WOW. Our wish came true - ALL games have been updated! Can you believe it? Must have been that lovely 11-hour sleep I had last night *chuckle* I feel rather refreshed.

Bingo squares! ,

There are no new sets for freebies yet, however this will change later as I'm about to go work on some donations, I'll edit this post as and when that happens.

It's amazing that there are people on level 7 already! I'll be opening donations for level badges 11-20 at some point, but not yet, don't donate any now :)

Don't forget to comment with your choice cards.

07 Aug 2009

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.

A full games update tomorrow? Please?

... Possibly.

01 Aug 2009

New members: -
Leavers: -
Hiatus: -
Level ups: Luci (6-7)
Masters: BJ (travel), Liz (chris), Rainey (travel, deadmandating)
Games: Forum freebies, Inventory, Mr's right and wrong, Shimmer, Learning the craft, The clones
Affiliates: Cinerama, Identity
New sets: Take one from the regular decks. Donators take an extra from your set(s).

Doo-be-doo... Can't think of anything to put here, lol.

Bingo squares! ,

Slowly but surely getting back on track :)
I have a 21st birthday party to go to tonight (not mine, sadly!) so I need to go get ready as I'm getting picked up early-ish so my friend and I can catch up.

25 Jul 2009

New members: Tiffany, Abigail - welcome!
Leavers: Shell sad
Hiatus: May, Saitaina
Level ups: Way too many to mention, well done everyone!
Masters: see above ^^
Games: Index freebie, Mausoleum, Raffle, Lottery, Caption/blend/icon contests (forums)
Affiliates: Reality TCG, Lost TCG, Paparazzi, Something Wicked (refer me @ that one!)
New sets: Take one from each deck. Donators take an extra from your set(s).

I wasn't expecting to update today, so there may be some of you who took starter pack cards - don't worry, you can keep them smile

Good Vs. Evil Round 2 results are finally here!
The final standings were: Witches - 670, Whitelighters - 250, Darklighters - 115, Demons - 85.
Round 3's points are on the Good Vs Evil page.

Congratulations, Witches! All witches may take this prize: 2 regular cards of choice, 3 randoms and 1 item from the randomiser plus this little graphic

The highest points earner was Luci with 230 points - congrats! You can take the team prize plus 1 regular card of choice and 2 random cards from the randomiser and this little graphic

You may be wondering where the items have gone in the games, this is because I'm confusing myself with their use.

I had originally planned for them to be won in games and then exchanged for certain levels of card prizes, but I had an idea for a new game... which I won't tell you about just now lol... and the items will be needed for something entirely different so they had to go from the games!
That game is taking a little while to work out the finer points of, but they will be back, so hang on to the ones you have.

Shell has left us :( Her cards will be in the Mausoleum once Micki's cards have been claimed.

Hanna, Jessica - your tradeposts aren't working for me, can you let me know if there's a problem? :)

Don't forget to submit your member cards to the family album, you get a random card just for doing that!

I will be doing a member check soon (lol, like I'm one to talk for prompt updating), and if your log is not there, your site doesn't work, or you look like you've quit and not told me (how rude), then you'll be placed as troubled on the member list, I'll email you, and if I don't hear from you in a month, you will be deleted :(
However, if you need some extra time out you can send a contact form to let me know you're on a hiatus, which is totally fine and will keep you out of the troubled area as you've already given me a heads-up. :)

19 Jul 2009

Hi all :)
Not an awful lot of news to tell you at the moment I'm afraid. Although I'm still not feeling 100% I think..... I think I'm starting to get better. Let's hope so!

As you can see, the past two weeks have had no game updates, so please go back to the randomiser for each missed week (2) and take the cards in the starterpack section like in the last update. Every week that I miss an update, you can take the starter pack cards.

Also, the index freebies haven't been changed but you can take another of those today too.

Finally... because I feel so so so bad about not updating, take 5 cards of choice, but no more than 2 from each set.

02 Jul 2009

I'm sorry about the unexplained hiatus - I thought I would update last week but I'm still kind of ill (though back at work, such a bad idea) and for some reason time has been flying by so quick I hardly had time to realise I was due to update wassat

Because I missed last week's update, go to the randomiser and take all the cards in the starterpack section. For the white cards on the top line, take one card from different sets with the same numbers.
Please comment :)

I will be away this weekend so there will be no update tomorrow either - you can go to the randomiser and take the starterpack cards again.

I will be back soon! x

20 Jun 2009

New members: Kou, mainmise - welcome!
Leavers: -
Level ups: Hanna (1-2), Aibell (4-5)
Masters: Luci (piper, leo), BJ (wyatt)
Games: Greater Good group, Mausoleum, Inventory
Affiliates: -
New sets: Take one from each deck. Donators take an extra for donating.

Alas, a meagre update again folks!
I apologise, I'm really not up to the task right now. My doctor has signed me off work 'til Wednesday, after which hopefully I can go back to work, do my Race For Life next Sunday, and obviously do a huge update here :)

Hang in there, we'll be back quicker than a Lazarus demon! (I still chuckle at Coolio in that episode.)

13 Jun 2009

New members: Erica - welcome!
Leavers: Micki sad
Level ups: Betty (2-3)
Masters: Luci (renew)
Games: Free will, Mausoleum
Affiliates: Lion & Lamb
New sets: Take one from the regular decks. Luci take an extra from the sets you donated.

As you can see above, Micki has decided to leave us - if you want to come back you'll be more than welcome - which means a new round is open in the mausoleum.

Super quick update today... I had planned on updating everything to make up for last week, but I have a migrane (it's taken all day just to get this pittance for an update online, lol).

Freebies; to make up for my lack of a total update, take 5 regular cards of choice. The only note is, they must all be from different decks. Remember to comment with your choices :)

06 Jun 2009

New members: Hanna, Shalini - welcome!
Level ups: Rainey (4-5), Luci (4-5), BJ (3-4), Rachel (4-5)
Masters: Rainey (leo), Saitaina (chris)
Affiliates: Vicodin
New sets: Just one this week I'm afraid! Take one. Luci take an extra for donating.

Some level ups/masters missing again, must try harder in future. Congrats to all!
New members; if you have your starter packs up remember to email me and get your random card :)

Events: We now have over 50 decks and 1000 cards, so we have event cards!
Starter pack up? Take one. If you're a prejoiner, you can take both cards, which are worth 3.

Member cards: I know choosing your image for your member card is a hard task *looks at Shell and smiles* but it will make the hall of fame much cleaner if when you master a set your card is there instead of a box with a cross.

Also, you get a random card when you submit it to the family album and it's something extra to trade! Bonus. I'd like everyone to have an MC so please head over to the forums and check out the MC thread there.

Games: No games updates today, I'm still feeling lazy from being ill the past few days, sorry about that! If there was a game you couldn't figure out last round you still have time to play it wink I am working on making new card sets - donations and my own to-do list of powers decks which there are far too few of!

You guys are awesome.

30 May 2009

Testing? linkage

EDIT: Col you are a freakin' GENIUS! *hearts you* You get some cards.
whosbarking19 richard02 sleuthing18

30 May 2009

New members: May, Manda - welcome!
Level ups: ?
Masters: ?
Games: Greater good group
Affiliates: -
New sets: Take one from each. Donators take an extra from your sets.

I'm a complete div (no, not in coding terms) - I forgot to type my update as I went along like usual so whoever levelled up and mastered since last Saturday -if there were any- I have no record nor recollection. Sorry! However, my spreadsheet with the GvE points is up to date.

Bit of a rushed update today, I'm not feeling too great sad - one of the women I work with came back from being off sick and wasn't 100% so I think I've caught her bug - boo to her! I'm going for a sleep just now, hopefully I can make some new decks later, we shall see!

Also, on my laptop the memory game isn't working, it's not using the new images. I don't know if I've done something wrong (well, I haven't, lol) but hopefully it works for you guys. Maybe it has something against Chris - the images I'm using?

23 May 2009

New members: none
Level ups: Colette (4-5), Betty (1-2), Saitaina (2-3)
Masters: Colette (moralitybites)
Games: Free Will group 2
Affiliates: priceless
New sets: Take a card from both the regular decks. No freebie from the special deck today. However, donators get an extra card from the set they gave images for.

Bit of a rushed update today, sorry about that folks. Had a burst of inspiration earlier but it has since evaporated! Poop.

I totally forgot to give out layout cards! They're worth 3, take one of the two cards. The set is not currently masterable though.

We're almost up to 50 sets and 1000 cards! That is so awesome. New events cards will be made for that, so extra freebies soon laughing Thanks to everyone for entering the contests, you still have time if you're feeling creative wink The caption contest will close voting shortly, so please vote if you haven't already.

20 May 2009

Today I had a good old laugh to myself at work - I work in a large assurance company and I deal with a lot of letters from customers - I had a letter that was from a.... wait, you'll love this...

P. Halliwell!!

GeekLOL. laughing

So anyway, to mark this entertaining event in an otherwise dismally dull day, take one character card that features any of the "P"'s - Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Prue, or Grams (well, she is a "P" too!).
Remember to comment!

16 May 2009

New members: Lissi, Liz, Betty welcome!
Level ups: Liz (1-2)
Masters: BJ (phoebe), Colette (prue)
Games: Personal Gain group, Free Will group 1, sidebar freebie
Affiliates: Chevron
New sets: Take one from each. If you donated the images, take another.

Bingo squares:

Hello, hello!

Everybody should have a member card, and why not¿ lol.
You get a random card when you submit it in the Family Album which is ace in itself, but it's also used for showing who's mastered what in the hall of fame, you gain a trade stamp when trading your member card with another card, and soon you'll need one for a new 'game' of witch spotlight.

There will be changes going in to the next round of Inventory, a cap on how many cards can be donated... there's an awful lot from the same people which is great for their prizes, but not so much if someone with only one card from that set can't donate.

Events: Take either of the two. Prejoiners can take both.

Some members have been put as troubled on the members page sad If your name has the troubled pixel next to it get in touch and we can work it out :) Though if you do want to leave, please use the form and give me a few days to log your cards for the Mausoleum.

I'm sure I had more to say, but I'll come back ;-)

10 May 2009

Can anyone access the Charmed image gallery at Pure Magic or are you having trouble like me¿ I'm trying to get onto it to check orders of images for new card sets but it's just making my Firefox crash :(
URL is here -

Edit: can Rosie and Saitaina email me, I'm having trouble with both your tradeposts; Rosie yours brings up a 404 page and Saitaina I'm not sure why but your site pops up a Trojan virus message wassat
In other news; welcome to Lissi - our newest witch! laughing

09 May 2009

New members: none
Level ups: Luci (3-4), Rainey (3-4), Steph (2-3), Jessica (2-4), Amy (1-3)
Masters: Rainey (awakened), Colette (wendigo), Luci (wyatt), Jessica (phoebe)
Games: Say What¿, Raffle
Affiliates: Cliques, Time Turner, Smitten
New sets: none today!
Freebies: Take three cards from the randomiser, plus one episode, character and relationship card of choice. Please comment :)

Well this is a ridiculous update compared to last week! I have no idea what's gone on today, apart from the fact that I downed tools to go play Sugar and Spice *is ashamed of herself*. You can all point and boo at Colette for making her TCG so gosh darn addictive! BOO, HISS! Yeah. laughing
Though, if you see it and like it, please put Rainey in the referrer box, thankyou! wink

I am going to force myself to make cards tomorrow, there are two sets still left over from March! March! So sorry BJ, I'm getting to them.

However, 2 new games! Under greater good and personal gain.

Sunday is normally a day of rest, but not for me! There will be cards, although I may hold off on releasing them, depends on how many sets I make, if it's only one it's hardly worth signing into cutenews, lol.

You guys are awesome, bear with me! x

02 May 2009

New members: Michelle, Saitaina, Rosie
Affiliates: A-List, La Musica
Games: Index freebies, Greater Good group, Personal Gain group
New sets: youngwyatt (take one. BJ can take an extra card)

Little note, there are players who don't have logs on their tradeposts. You MUST have a log to play, otherwise you're just putting cards up and no one knows where you got them from. If you could have your card worth somewhere on your page that would help me out too, as just now when someone sends a level up form I have to physically count all their cards to check they have the right amount.

Also, some members have taken their Nexus tradeposts down, or not updated since they got their starter pack, which makes me sad sad . If you wish to leave the TCG (noooooo!) please fill in the form and keep your cards up until I can take a note of them for the Mausoleum Card Pickup. Don't be a meanie and delete your cards so no one else can claim them! If you need a break just tell me you're going on hiatus and I can update the members page to reflect that. Such a shame prejoiners are dropping like flies! They're mostly in the Evil teams, do you think they may have taken offence to being in the 'wrong' team perhaps¬¿

Freebies!!! May freebies over at the forum. If you're a prejoiner, there's a lil' something extra wink
Also at the forums: Caption competition is open for voting, the other contests will run until the end of the next GoodVs Evil round.

Witches won the first round of Good Vs Evil!!! YAY! All witches may take this prize: 2 regular cards of choice, 3 randoms and 1 item from the randomiser plus this little graphic
The highest points earner was Jessica of the Whitelighters with 105 points (congrats!) - you may take 1 regular card of choice and 2 random cards from the randomiser and this little graphic

Sorry about the shop not being open yet. The reason for that is I'm revamping it right now, I've had a burst of inspiration (must be a muse nearby) for a game I've been wanting to add for the longest time and I need to see if it'll all tie together properly with the items. I'm easily confused so that's why it's taking so long lol.

Working on updating games, I'll edit this update as and when a game is ready to go.

P.S... I'm still working out that ¬¿ question mark problem with Cutenews - first person to tell me how to fix it gets eternal gratitude, a random card, and 10 points for round 2 of Good Vs Evil!

30 Apr 2009

That's it!

Any donations posted now will count for round 2 of Good Vs Evil, and contest entries will be put to a vote tonight.

Just dashing on before work, have a great day!

30 Apr 2009

Remember, today is the last day for getting points for this round of Good Vs. Evil!
Anything submitted after 12midnight GMT will not be considered until the next month's standings.

If you haven't been over to the forums to enter the constests please do! Any contests that don't have enough entries will be carried over until next month, which means you won't get Good Vs Evil points this round!


25 Apr 2009

Quick post today as I don't have time to update sad I'm out of the house as I'm going to see McFly in concert laughing
Happy. Happy. Rainey.

This isn't a completely ace update but please feel free to play the randomised games again, Learning the Craft, Shimmer, The Clones, and Detective Work if you can remember where they are wink New set(s) tomorrow hopefully.

19 Apr 2009

Hi kids :)

Just a reminder of the rules here at The Nexus. I know, I know, totally not necessary but it gives me peace of mind.

Refreshing game prize pages is strictly prohibited - if in the event that you have all the cards on offer, you can still take the prize offered and then go trade them in on the Double Trouble page. Refreshing pages takes up my bandwidth, and me no likey! (neither will you if the site goes down =P )

What fun is it if you level up and master too quickly¿ There is a capped amount of sets we can have here since there was only 8 seasons of the show, so don't try and rush through, 'k¿ :)

This is naturally difficult to keep an eye on, but if it's getting a bit obvious I will post up here and if I can prove it then who knows... has a TCG ever taken away cards before¿ That would be kinda cool. Evil yes, but cool.

Oh, p.s... I've been writing down game ideas today and there's loads I want to add! But patience my dears, all good things come to those who wait. tongue

18 Apr 2009

//New members: dbzxenaman, Luci
//Game updates: Free Will games, lottery, picture bingo, inventory
//New card sets: Take a total of 5 cards, no more than 2 cards from the same set. (cards not linked to pages, sorry!)

Hello hello!

Thankyou all for being immense donators, I have my hands full! If you donated images for any of the sets above, take an extra card from the set you donated.

Picture bingo has started. If you want to take part you will need to wait until the next round, I'm afraid. Current players, the pictures you need are here:
I you have either or both of those, remember to mark off your cards.

It almost seemed like 'someone' didn't want me updating this TCG, with all the internet/FTP related hassles I had. But they didn't get me, and we're officially open! It seems like a bit of an anti-climax really seeing as we've been here for over a month *lol* Still.
Starter pack up¿ Take this card, worth 3:
PREJOINERS: you can take this card aswell, also worth 3:

My inner geek can't let the recent release of the new Harry Potter film trailer go by without some kind of acknowledgement. It has nothing to do with Charmed, except a very loose connection with the whole magic thing, but even so you're getting freebies. tongue
If you have your starter pack up as of right now, you can help yourself to a #06, #07 and #17 card of choice (for the 6th film, released on July 17). Different sets though, please! Comment what you take.

Enjoy the games! I have ideas for some more, they'll be coming... at some point.

10 Apr 2009

New members: Aibell and Steph
Games: Added the rest of the Free Will games, and one each to the Greater Good and Personal Gain.
Affiliates: Sweet Banana (food), Street Lights (Backstreet Boys) and Horcrux (Harry Potter).
New sets: Nofury and Rex - take one card from each. Micki take an extra Nofury card, Shell take an extra Rex card.
April freebies are over at the forums, as are now the contests, please keep entering smile Index freebies are updated and we now have a doubles trade in page.

I feel quite productive today (must have been the 3 mile walk), let's see what I can do with this new-found feeling! laughing

09 Apr 2009

Update-diddly-doo! Sorry, I was watching the Simpsons last night.

I think I've fixed the problem without having to reinstall my operating system. That's the hope anyway. Switched AntiVirus software and things seem to be okay, but touching wood just in case.

I know there may be a few of you watching the updates *eyeballs Colette and waves* so I'm sneaking on to update at work - I'd say don't tell my boss but he's left for the day. HA.
There are two new sets, but I'm not overly keen on them, I think I rushed them trying to get open asap. No freebies from those til they're officially released so grubby mitts off! tongue

For being such fabulous members, take cards of choice (from different sets) with the letters F-A-B and also 5 regular cards from the randomiser, along with 3 items. Puzzle pieces count as regular cards.

As a side note, does anyone use Cutenews and is there any way to change how it presents question marks¿ I can't put direct links to card sets because there is a ¿ in the middle and this obviously invalidates the URL.

29 Mar 2009

Hey Everyone,
The opening has to be put back a while, my computer has had some kind of virus and I'm trying to get my antivirus programme to run all the way through but it's taking hours and once it hits 3 hours it just freezes so I don't feel safe using the comp til I fix it.

Sadly this is just a flying visit - but please bear with me. I can't do much right now but give away stuff til I can open, so everyone take a special card (worth 2) and two items.

I'm so sorry folks, I'll hopefully make it all up to you when we open smile

17 Mar 2009

Alrighty-roo, prejoin is over! (welcome Andrea smile )

I'm going to work on the donations that are on the forums as of this moment, figure out what I'm going to do with the blend/icon contests, and work on some new games for the opening.
The rest of the games will be playable when we open, which hopefully won't be too far away, but I have to go on a course for work for a few days so my plan of getting a headstart kind of got scuppered.

I'm aiming to be fully open by the end of the month.

Happy St. Patricks day! laughing Everyone take the rainbow item in celebration, the shop will be opening its doors soon too.

14 Mar 2009

//Level ups: Jessica (2), Rainey (2)
//Affiliates: Harmony Alley, Living in Shadows, Melange, Seattle Grace

We have some new games in the Greater Good section! Shimmer, The Clones, and Scry Hard (I was rather proud of that game name wink ).

Two new sets also, wendigo and halliwellseve. Everyone can take one card from the new sets, Micki can take an extra one from both for donating the images.

BJ brought up a point about the blend and icon contests, I will be changing the pages to add some images, but had thought I would just judge the entries once the deadline passed as I won't be entering. Do you think it would be better to have these over at the forums and had polls to decide the winners each round¬¿
I'm very much in favour of taking your views on board, I don't want to say 'this is the way we're doing things, deal with it', you know¬¿

11 Mar 2009

Loads of donations to get me started, thankyou so much you gorgeous, gorgeous people!

We have a new deck (rather swiftly made last night); moralitybites which everyone can take one card from - it's been doing the rounds so some people may have had random cards from it already.

I'm feeling rather giddy from all this TCGness - it's been a while since I owned a TCG - so everyone take a regular card of choice, and what you see below:

Happy Wednesday!! LOL.

Aside from the prejoinyness, the TCG will actually (read: should!) be updated once a week. I play TCGs aswell so what I'm thinking is that The Nexus day will be a Saturday, so that leaves me Sunday to catch up on all my games smile How does that sound¿

If you have a lottery card and/or a bingo card, can you let me know so I can see rough numbers and get an idea of when to start calling numbers/announcing squares etc.

Also I wanted to ask your opinion on something; which games I should play. Obviously games that require an answer are a no-go because well, I made them up *lol* but what are your thoughts on random-ish games like puzzles, memory and the slots¿
I get rewards for making sets, but not as much as you would get for games, so (as anyone would be) I'm on the scrounge for as many cards as I can get laughing
Let me know your thoughts - good or bad! If you reply you can take a card of choice. x

09 Mar 2009

Hey everyone,
I'm so happy to see we have six members already, that is so cool. Get referring guys! You not only get a random card for each referral, but once we hit 10 members prejoining will close and you can start waving your prejoin badges under the noses of the latecomers wink
I'm not really that cruel, honest. Ahem.

Well, you may have noticed it's my birthday today (and yes, the bones are creaking as I type!), so because I'm a year older, everyone can take a #09, #03, #08, and #02 card of choice - but each from a different set.
All prejoiners can take freebies from any update, as long as your starter pack is on display at your tradepost. Let me know when your cards are up, so that I can send you a random card for that and also your team graphic for whichever team you've been recruited into for Good V Evil.

The confusion with hidden link 2 has now been fixed, sorry guys, my fault! It's now up if you can spot it wink

We have some new level badges courtesy of Rachel - if you want to donate please see the magic school page in the games section, or over at the forums.
Also at the forums are member cards, if you post me a picture I will make your card for you.
Don't forget there are freebies to be had over at the forums too, go snaffle some more cards! laughing

08 Mar 2009

Hello, hello!

Finally, I'm ready for opening - woop!
Prejoining will be until March 15th or until we get 10 members (who know how popular this will be, LOL). We'll only have 10 prejoiners because, if everyone prejoins, it will kind of take away the fun in this next part.

All prejoiners may take the prejoin badge:
I prejoined. I'm cool.
And display it on their tradeposts. This badge not only gets you prejoiner bragging rights (who doesn't like to brag?) and will on occasion make you eligible for freebies that regular members won't be able to get. Awesome, huh? Yeah. laughing

Donations are open and welcome, feel free to suggest sets you want to see made and have bundles of fun!

02 Mar 2009

I don't want to jinx myself but... I think I'm almost ready to open! 3 more sets (and possibly a re-make of one and touch ups of another) and we're good to go!

I'm so excited I think I might burst.

09 Nov 2008

Three new sets today, I finished up the Leo deck last night and today I've made destined [Piper/Leo relationship] and awakened; which is one of my favourite Charmed episodes. Random fact for you there, kids!

Hopefully this new spirit will continue and we can get open for prejoin soon, lots of opportunity to donate images so sets can get made quicker, which will keep us all happy laughing

Hang in there, it's coming.

27 Sep 2008

Hey kids.
Work is stressful right now, and I had been preparing to sing at a work charity night last night (went okay, if only I hadn't been shaking so much! Thought my legs were going to give way!) so TCG work kind of went on the back burner.

Sets so far: Phoebe, Paige, Prue, Birthday, Layout. Don't be fooled by Piper01 card over on the side there, it's the only one of that set right now. But I'm hoping to get that finished up today and will be on the lookout for more set pictures. That's the part that takes so long! laughing

If you would like to donate images then please do, you can send images (or a zip file) to and donations will be rewarded.
Please see the donations page for more info.
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